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Paws-A-Moment can work with your pet's individual temperament. If he/she does not get along well with other dogs, he can have his own playtime in the yard and playroom. We can work with most canine quirks! If you have any questions, or if your pet doesn't meet all of our requirements, please feel free to ask!

Ensuring your dog is safe and having fun are our top priorities. To ensure a safe, healthy and fun environment for all dogs in our care we have the following requirements to participate in our services.

Requirements for all pets in our care
Requirements for dogs participating in Group Outings
Requirements for pets receiving post-surgical services

Requirements for All Services

Requirements for all pets participating in Paws-A-Moment services: boarding, day care, pet sitting, dog walking and potty breaks, group outings, senior, disabled and post-surgery care and transportation services:

Fleas - We recommend all dogs and cats be on a flea treatment program
Forms - A pet profile (for dogs, for cats and all other pets form (includes medical, contact and behavioral information) and an animal medical power of attorney form must be on file.
Health - All pets must be clean and in good health with the exception of post surgical animals.
ID Tags - Collars with identifying name tag must be worn during all services or one will be provided for a fee of $7.
Vaccines - We require proof of current rabies, bordatella (kennel cough) and DHPP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus) vaccinations. Cats being cared for as part of in-home pet sitting should also be current on all shots.
For Dogs
    Dog Profile
    Medical Power of Attorney
    Proof of Vaccinations
    Read "Ready for Dog Day Care"
For Cats & Other Pets
    Cats & Other Pets Profile
    Medical Power of Attorney
    Proof of Vaccinations
Special Care
    Dog or Cat Profile
    Medical Power of Attorney
    Proof of Vaccinations
    Copy of Vet Instructions
    Liability Waiver

Complete your forms for your first visit or fax them to

Requirements for Group Outings

Requirements for all dogs participating in group outings:

Age - Dogs must be 4 months or older to join play groups. Accommodations can be made for younger pups!
Collars - All dogs must wear "quick release" collars. For the safety of your pet, no belted collars are allowed.
Fleas - We recommend all dogs be on a flea treatment program and may require a flea bath upon entry.
Forms - Registration, pet profile and proof of vaccinations must be on file, see above.
Health - All pets must be free from any condition which could potentially jeopardize other guests and certify that their pet has not been ill in the past 30 days.
ID Tags - Collars with identifying name tag must be worn or one will be provided for a fee of $7.
Socialization - Dogs must be well socialized, or in training. Owners need to certify that their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behavior (including food aggression) toward people or other dogs.
Spayed/Neutered - Dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.
Vaccines - Proof of current rabies, bordatella (kennel cough) and DHPP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus) vaccinations is required.

Requirements for Pets Receiving Post-Surgical Services

The following are requirements in addition to the All Services requirements listed above:

Vet Instructions - A copy of the veterinarian's instructions must be on file along with our standard forms.
Waiver - A waiver of liability must be signed and on file with Paws-A-Moment

Our top priority is ensuring your pets are safe and enjoying themselves while in our care. You can rest assured that your dog will be safe when socializing with other dogs at Paws-A-Moment.

Contact us for more information and reservations.


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